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Samuel Johnson was right when he said, “When someone is tired of London, they are tired of life”…. An amicable quote that merely exemplifies the dynamics of a great political, cultural and economical heart.

Its initial name was Londonium, brought fourth by the Romans, and now residence to the most famous Royalty on Earth, all stemming from the ghost of an all mighty empire.

The modern day Shakespeare of articulations and whom today would quote the ant-like formations of black cabs, the strong foundations of rustic red telephone boxes perched Royal Guard like, and the piecing on-looking of fierce lions at every street corner.

A gothic masterpiece and a perfect marriage of both past + present.


A global powerhouse that holds the stage as the land of wild promises and wilder dreams.

Peaking through the doors of its 5 boroughs one steps foot into a bustling mecca and meeting place of all people's, all ages and all backgrounds.

It appears that man has rose through the stars and pulled them down to forge a theatrical stage that grows drunk with ecstacy.

The streets urge the process of something extraordinary at any minute, any day, any month.
Liberty, patriotism and freedom are pregnant through the steamy streets and high-rise onlookers.


Sydney is more than just the opera house, Harbor Bridge and beaches it's a playground for Hollywood stars.

When Lieutenant James Cooks' voyage landed him against the brilliant blue seas of Botany Bay who knew that some 200 years later a city of fireworks were to be born.

The exuberant multicultural metropolis makes its beholders slack jawed. You can find yourself within an endless lagoon then unto a vast urban sprawl and off through Italian suburbs meaning your next step is nothing but a mystery. This melting pot of personality mixed in with precious Asain pacific cuisine parades a fresh, inventive and creative exterior. A climate that dances with energy.


Stepping back in time to a land whose wealth shone throughout its roads. Known as a dwelling for wealthy citizens comprising of merchants and bachelors whose houses still draw shadows centuries later.

Old folklore suggests that the city earned its title from the tale of a mythical legend, a giant called Antigoon who drank from the river Schelt.

Its mythical past is mirrored throughout its cobbled walkways which are infused with the poignancy of stone and masonry.

The adventures of Tin-Tin arose from the city, along with the mouth-watering mix of Belgian chocolates along with a diamond trading tradition that is guaranteed to shrink the pockets but enrage the taste buds.


This newborn urban modernism manifested itself Phoenix-like into the nomadic Brazilian grounds in the 1950's.

An architect’s road show forged out of sharp edged straight lines hugging large flat beds of asphalt.

Brasilia came fourth to fill a great void in the deserted central-west region of Brazil, fiercely begging for settlers to find shelter in the new futuristic mode of living.

The city integrates with Brazils lush coastal regions and was able to metamorphose Brazilian society into a new chic, clean-cut suit for the future.


Copenhagen is a little honey pot of miraculous flavour. It's time to fish out those Viking hats and get plunged into a colourful universe of individuality and history.

Copenhagen is the friendly capital of Denmark that oozes vibrancy and fun... Church steeples pop the clouds and wonderful havens like the Tivoli amusements park ensures one will never grow old.

Comprising of sleek shops and cozy cafes the city hugs its inhabitants and opens the doors to the Wonka city.

Copenhagen boasts its cultural, economic and governmental centrality in Denmark and holds its game as a bustling kaleidoscope of differences.


Dublin is not only the capital of luck, leprechauns and literacy tradition but it's the cream of Ireland.

It's smooth facade whips up into a frenzy of excitement. Known for its pub culture, time warped Victorian pubs and maze like Georgian streets; Dublin's sing-along spirit can be felt globally.

There's nothing more satisfying than a community togetherness, coupled with a pint from an oak cast whilst fiendishly foot tapping to a traditional Irish band.

Dublin is the true Emerald city not too far from the sights and smells of the coast, enabling its guests to get the best of both worlds in this Irish hub.


If Venice is the city of canals, then Amsterdam is its twin sister. 150 canals and 1250 bridges entwine like arteries pumping out from the core of the city. With no sign of crowdedness, bitterness or chaos these systems flow silently through a relish of modern day magic.

Taking a step back from its psychedelic clichés, Amsterdam whispers to everyone. Scattered with dinky gabled buildings and pretty bridges its not hard to feel like you have fell unconsciously into a miniature world.

Expect tulips + Tupperware, Dutch beer + wood paneled cafes. A dash of Anne Frank and if need be, a splatter of red in the famous district.


Nestled in a bowl of creativity, colour + sound. A mixture of historical coastal charm assorted with the sweet taste of history.

A city that quietly juggles glades, rivers, deserts and wildlife in a sweet harmonious pattern.

The mother city of the Earth raises the world with spoons of peace erecting from its tangible spirit.

Sit down at the table mountain, or tiptoe over cape point, natural beauty roams wildly and feeds the atmosphere in Cape town.

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