This is where you can find answers to your questions if you are unsure on how Property fitness works. If you get stuck,our customer service team will be able to answer your emails during business hours

Job pointers – what are they?

Job pointers are the notices that clients post to indicate that they need the services of a tradesman. These requests are sorted by locality by specific skill and trade and the details passed to the sites members.

How can I see and purchase job pointers?

Job pointers can be purchased in several different ways:

From the website: At log in you will be directed to your ‘Job pointers’ list. You will be able to look through the pointers that are available for you to buy. By clicking on ‘View full details’ you will be able to see more details of the job or buy the pointer.

Alerts by email: You will receive an email when a new job pointer is available to buy. Click on ‘Buy now’ to buy the job pointer.

SMS Messaging: We will send you an SMS when a new job pointer is available to buy. To buy the pointer, send a reply by SMS along with an letter and number code that will appear in the pointer alert.

Via mobile app: Download our mobile app to your smartphone. Launching the app will take you to your ‘Job Alerts’ and the job pointer list. Click on a lead for further information or to purchase it.

How can I regulate the job pointers are sent to me?

Job pointers area allocated by postcode, the work area you have entered in your profile and by the trade and skills entered. You can change settings can be changed whenever you wish. Log in to change any details.

Note: Work areas are, by default, circular. If you want to change the area allocated to you do this by dragging the marker to encompass the work area you want saved.

My job pointer list shows very few job pointers.

Job pointers are allocated according to your postcode, and the settings you chose for your trade/skills. Check that they are set correctly and that the area of work is large enough. If not there might not be many job pointers available to forward. Use the ‘Edit job lead settings’ from the main Job Pointer display.

Is it possible to remove unwanted job pointers from my job pointer list?

It is. To remove a job pointer that is of no interest to you, go to the ‘remove’ icon you are not interested in from your job lead list, click the ‘remove’ icon.

I want to purchase a job pointer, how do I do that?

Buy job pointers on the site or by email or mobile app, locate and click on ‘Buy’ on the pointer. To buy a pointer where from an SMS message, reply with the letters and numbers code that you will receive in the alert.

The job pointer price plus VAT will be deducted from the credit card that you registered on your account or if you have a balance in your account it can also be deducted from that. The full details of the job will then be sent to you.

Once I have bought my job pointer, what is the next step?

Once you have bought your job pointer, we will send you the contact details for the client, so that you can make contact with them to get the details of what they need. At this point your profile page, your ratings and of course your own contact details will be sent to the client.

Up to three tradesmen can buy a job pointer, so it is always worth making contact with the client as soon as you can so that you can give yourself the best chance of being awarded the job.

I have to have certification to purchase a job pointer, why is that?

Gas Safe certification is always required in order for a tradesman to carry out work such as boiler repairs. We ensure that the tradesmen on our site are all registered and certificated to maintain the highest standards of expertise that is offered to our clients.

To add a Gas Safe certificate, or to update a qualification, please go to your profile and select ‘Edit job pointer settings’ and then add the relevant document numbers under 'Certificates'.

Will clients be made aware that I have paid for the job pointer?

Yes they will. When clients announce a job, they will be notified that all tradesmen on the site are required, when they quote for a job, to pay a fee. We follow up with reminders and we also ask that if a quote is no longer required they cancel their posted job.

How is the job pointers quality maintained?

We are aware that there is always the possibility that a client posting a job may not be doing so with the right motives. They might be trying out the site or may be posting because they are curious. We ensure that our forms are continually updated so that the maximum information on each job is available. We feel that being required to give a more detailed brief will go a long way to putting off time wasters.

We also point our clients towards the Consult a Professional where expert tradesmen have answers to their queries that can be accessed before they proceed to request a quote on the site. Additionally, if a job pointer has not been bought 24 hours after it has been posted, we go back to the client to request more detail on the posted job.

Making contact with the client

After purchasing a job pointer we will let you have all the contact details of the client who has requested work to be done.

We recommend that you make contact quickly, remember others may be interested in the job. If you cannot speak to the client then leave a message my SMS or email giving your number and name so that they can get back to you.

Where can I see my purchased jobs?

To see the job pointers that you have purchased you need to log in, and select ‘Bought Jobs’ where you will see the jobs that you have quoted on or are quoting on.

Archived jobs, what are they?

Archived job pointers that you have bought can be kept separately from job pointers that have been completed and the work finished. You can then look back into the archive to see work that is pending.

How can I put a job in the archive?

To place a job pointer in the archive section, select the job from the ‘Bought job pointer’ list and click on ‘Archive’ under the status headings.

Where can I see my archived jobs?

To see any job pointers allocated to the archive log in and click on ‘Bought jobs’ and then click the ‘Archive’ tab to see the list of your archived jobs.

Reporting a job pointer

Each job pointer you buy should put you in contact with the customer to quote for the work. If you have tried to get in touch with the client but have had no response, you can report the job pointer and ask for a credit.

Note: A Pointer cannot be reported if you have had the chance to quote – even if after you quoted the work did not materialise.

Reporting a job pointer and asking for a job pointer credit.

If you have tried to get in touch with the client but have had no response, you can report the job pointer and ask for a credit. Identify the job in the Bought Jobs list and then click on select ‘View’. Then on the job detail screen, select ‘Client will not allow me to give a quote.’ Then follow the steps on the screen to request credit for a job pointer.

Note: This can only be done for 15 days after the job pointer purchase.

How is the process of reporting a job pointer and requesting a pointer credit managed?

When a job pointer is reported, we will contact the client to find out why they did not allow a quote. Five days is given for the client to respond.

Requests will then be actioned unless the client says that you could have contacted them and quoted but did not. If successful, a credit will be added to your account for the amount paid for the job pointer as well as for the VAT.

My application for a job pointer credit has been refused, why is that?

If you report a pointer, we get in touch with the client to find out why you had been denied the chance to quote. As stated above, if your request for pointer credit is denied, it is likely to be because the client has said that you had been able to, but did not contact them and were given the chance to give an estimate.

I need to see what is happening with a pointer credit application, where do I do that?

A period of 5 working days is needed for the team to contact the client. We will not be able to give any more information till we hear from the client. Once we have the information you will be contacted by email. To check the date of your request, log in and look for the job in the ‘Bought Jobs’ list. You will be able to see the date of the pointer credit request.

Where can I see the amount I have received as a credit against a job pointer I reported?

If your pointer credit request is accepted, you will get an email telling you the amount credited. These credits will not be seen on invoices – they will be added to the balance of your account.

Is it a good idea to be graded?

Grading is like a personal recommendation online and will go a long way to helping you build a reputation for honesty and reliability. Each time you buy a job pointer your profile and grading will be sent to the prospective client. The better your grading the easier it will be for you to win that work!

How can I ask for a grading?

To as for grading, log in, find the job for which you want the grading on the Bought Jobs list and select ‘Request rating’ from the status column. You could leave a business card and ask your client directly to grade you after you have done the job.

Where does my grading go?

Your grading will be saved on your profile page under the ‘Grading’ tab. Links to this grading and to the overall grading score you have achieved will be submitted to each client from whom you buy a job pointer.

Where is my grading displayed?

For an overview of all the ratings received, click on ‘Account’ and then ‘Grading’. A summary of your average grading will be there to cover Value, Reliability and Quality.

Jobs her are split into those that have been graded and those that are awaiting grading.

What happens if I am given an unjust grading?

If you receive a grading that you dispute, then you respond to a grading by selecting the job and then ‘Reply to grading’. It is also a good idea to speak to the client directly to see if you can resolve their concerns. Many disputes will be resolved simply and clients can change their grading whenever they wish. If all else fails and if the grading is particularly unfair, is incorrect or even constitutes slander, contact us directly so that we can investigate the matter.

Note: Any reply you make to a grading will remain visible to other clients so we do remind our members to keep any comments they make as professional as possible!

Can I write a response to a grading?

If you receive a grading that you dispute, then you respond to a grading by selecting the job and then ‘Reply to grading’. It is also a good idea to speak to the client directly to see if you can resolve their concerns. Many disputes will be resolved simply and clients can change their grading at any time. To reply to a grading, follow the email link and then leave your comment.

Is it possible to delete a grading?

Grading cannot be deleted. If you do receive a rating that you feel is unjust, then follow the steps outlined above.

Being new to the site with no grading, how will I attract clients?

We are aware that it will be a bit trickier at first to attract clients. To give you a good start, we will give a free pointer credit as well as free SMS alerts to give you a taster of our service and start winning jobs. Try:

  • Making your profile as comprehensive as possible with all your qualifications, details and any pictures of work you have done.
  • Start by going for lower priced easy to complete work.
  • Contact the client without delay when you purchase a job pointer.
  • Give a full quote with lots of detail and give some checkable references.
  • Always request a grading for the work you do.
How can clients be assured that the grading they see is genuine?

We use a secure grading system. Only those clients that have hired a tradesman from our site can enter a grading for a tradesman. Clients can change a grading and our members can respond to or comment on grading.

We strictly screen gradings and any related comments for any inappropriate language and we carry out spot checks looking at both good and bad grading. We can also identify any tradesman who tries to enter self-grading.

What is on a profile page?

The chance to set up an exclusive profile page for yourself or for your company is part of your membership. Showcasing your grading, your company information, any certificates you hold it gives you the chance to set out your stall and add photos of previous work you have done. This profile page is sent to the client with each job pointer you buy, and will rank you highly in searches on sites such as Google. Tradesmen with a complete and comprehensive profile are three times more likely to win the jobs they go for.

If you have a website, add a link to your profile page to give potential clients more information on you.

Can I change anything, or update my page details if I need to?

Change or update your profile page, by selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘my website’. You can update any details you need to from there.

Can I add photos of work I have done to my profile page?

Upload pictures of work you have done by logging in and selecting the ‘Account’ setting and then ‘My pictures’. Select photos and upload them. The pictures you upload will then be displayed on your profile page.

Where can I see my profile page?

To see your profile page, log in and select ‘Account’ and then ‘My website’. Click the link there to view your profile page that will appear exactly as it does to the public.

Logging into your account

To log in, visit the home page at ------------------ and log in.

Forgotten Password

Follow the forgotten password link to recover or chose a new password.

Password changes

If you want to set a new password, follow the site links to make the change.

Changing or updating contact details.

To change any of your contact details, log in, select ‘Account’ and then the ‘Account details’ button From there edit contact details or address changes.

Changing or updating contact alerts

To choose the way you get job pointer alerts, select ‘Edit job pointer settings’ from the main ‘Job Pointer’ button then select ‘Alert Preferences’.

Change contact details by selecting ‘Account’ and ‘Account details’

Changing Trade details, skills or work area settings.

Change any of the settings that you registered when you signed up by selecting ‘Edit job pointer settings’ from the ‘Job Pointer’ display.

Note: Work areas are circular by default. Move the map markers to customise your work area.

I need to change or update the payment details I registered.

Cards used to purchase job pointers are stored securely for fuse with future purchases. Click ‘Pay with a different card’ during your next pointer purchase to change the card you want to use.

I need to change or update the details of my company.

For any change of company details, select ‘Account’ then ‘Account details’ and then click on ‘Edit personal details’.

Note: Changes cannot be made to any invoices already issued

Updating Gas Safe or Part P certification.

Updating your Gas Safe and Part P certifications can be done via the ‘Edit job pointer settings’ from your main ‘Job Pointer’ display. Choose the ‘Certifications’ tab and click on ‘Add certificate’ to input certification details.

Buying additional alert credits by SMS

At registration, you were given 100 free SMS pointer alert credits to help you get going. You can purchase 100 SMS alerts for £10+VAT.

How do I stop or disable SMS alerts.

To stop any alerts select ‘Edit job pointer settings’ from the ‘Job Pointer’ display. Click ‘contact preferences’ tab and turn the alert status ‘Off’.

Cancelling your account

Please contact us if you want to cancel your membership of the site.

How often will an invoice be raised?

Payment will be taken when:

  • Fees for membership are due (monthly quarterly, annually).
  • When you buy a job pointer.

Your selected membership scheme and renewal date can be seen under the ‘Membership’ tab.

How often will an invoice be raised?

Invoices will be issued at monthly intervals from your registration date. All job pointer purchases, any membership payments due or credits for the month will be itemised.

Can I alter the date when I get invoices?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

How can I see the invoices issued on the site?

Invoices are emailed to each month. To see invoices online, go to ‘Account’ and ‘Billing’.

Viewing outstanding balances and paying invoices.

If for any reason payment fails, notification will be sent to you. To pay any outstanding balance, click the ‘pay invoice’ link.

Can I settle and outstanding amount using the balance from my account?

No. The site account balance has no value other than being available for buying job pointers.

The amount of the total invoice and the sum of payment received is different, why is that?

Failure of a membership fee payment is the only reason for a displayed difference between the value of the invoice and the sum of payments received. Log into your account and click ‘pay invoice’ to settle the invoice.

My invoice shows negative values. What does that mean?

This indicates that the account has been credited. That could be refunds or awarded credits for pointers.

A negative value may also be seen when the balance of the account or pointer credit has been utilised in the purchase of a job pointer.

There is a free balance’ on my account, what does that mean?

A ‘Free balance’ is any free job pointer credit that was part of your membership valid only for the present membership period. An invoice will read ‘Free balance’ when that free balance has been used to buy a job pointer.

A ‘Free balance’ is any free job pointer credit that was part of your membership valid only for the present membership period. An invoice will read ‘Free balance’ when that free balance has been used to buy a job pointer.

There is a credit on my invoice. What does that mean?

A credit will show on your invoice when a credit note or refund e has been issued to you.

How can I see if my account balance was used to buy a job pointer?

Job pointers bought with an account balance are listed as ‘on your invoice. The amount is listed with a negative value showing that your account credit was used and payment was not taken from your stored card.

Why does the amount on my bank statement differ from the cost of the pointer I bought?

On purchase of a job pointer, payment will be taken from any available account balance you have prior to your card being charged. If there is insufficient credit in your account the balance will be deducted from your registered card.

I have received an invoice although I haven’t bought anything.

To help simplify your records, we will generate an invoice every month that you are a member. If during the month, you have bought nothing you will get a blank invoice, to keep for your records.

I have been overcharged, what action should I take?

Please contact us if you have any queries about payments or over charging.

I don’t understand why I have had this charge.

Please contact us if you have any queries about payments or over charging.

How much does it cost to join?

A basic membership package is £ per month. This will include:

  • Access to the on site job pointers
  • Email and SMS alerts. (Charges for this apply)
  • Secure hosting and maintaining of your profile page.
  • Individually purchased job pointers
What does the membership fee pay for?

The membership fee gives you access to more than 50,000 jobs every month and pays for the hosting and maintaining of your profile page and for the use of our mobile app.

How is the cost worked out?

We ask a modest fee for membership. There is an extra charge for any job pointer you bid for. On average, tradesmen on the site win an average of one in four job pointers that they buy and average job values are around £---------.

Giving you access to a constant stream of customers that can be yours for life is an invaluable advantage of belonging to the site.

How are the job pointer costs calculated?

Pointer fees do vary but on average will be £15+VAT based on size of the job, the location and complexity and the level of skill needed to complete it.

Is any balance on my account rolled forward?

Account balances are made up of two types of credit: credits and free credits. Free credit is credit that was included in your membership package and is valid only for the stated membership period and cannot be rolled over. Credits that represent any refunds or other payments and will not expire.

How are the job pointer costs calculated?

Pointer fees do vary but on average will be £15+VAT based on size of the job, the location and complexity and the level of skill needed to complete it.

How does the site work?

The site works by:

  • Sending you postcode based job pointers as well as your registered trade and skills. By publications on our website, by email, SMS and via our mobile app.
  • Letting you buy job pointers: details of the job description, budget and the opportunity to purchase the details of the job and bid for the work.
  • Contact the client: Get in contact to find out more about the job.
  • Your profile page , grading and professional details are submitted to the client.
  • Grading. When the job is finished, the client can grade your work and by getting good grading, you will stand a much better chance of attracting new clients.
I have most of my work by recommendation in the past, how will using this site help me?

Five good reasons for choosing propertyfitness

  1. No more waiting for phone enquiries: a constant supply of job pointers.
  2. The Chance to build a reputation: Your grading and profile can help you take on new clients.
  3. Keep busy!: Use the site to fill those gaps in the work diary and extend your client base.
  4. Advertise your work: Share information about your company, and pictures of work completed with potential clients on the profile page.
  5. Find work even when you are out and about: using SMS alerts and mobile apps to buy and manage job leads when you’re out and about.
What do you mean by the term ‘local tradesmen’?

Each of our tradesmen inputs their postcode and indicates the radius within which, they are prepared to work. Each tradesman will set the distance that he is prepared to travel to work.

Are people screened before they are allowed to join the site?

Everyone who joins the site undergo full ID checks using the electoral roll and through credit reference agencies. We also require your members to add their Public Liability Insurance, and the relevant qualifications and professional membership details to their profiles. Tradesmen who do not have Gas Safe qualifications will not be able to buy job pointers related to gas work.

Do you ever have to suspend site members?

On the very rare occasion that a site member is found to have acted in an unprofessional way, the evidence will be investigated and their account suspended if necessary.

We will take this action if:

  • The individual has received a serious complaint within the first month of their membership
  • Has had a total of 3 complaints from clients.
  • Attended the client’s property without having first purchased the job pointer.
  • Used unacceptable language, or demonstrated racism, sexism, used threats, been accused of bullying or in any other way has abused the trust of a client.

Note: All disagreements are investigated on an individual basis. Tradesmen who are being investigated will have their accounts temporarily suspended.

How are disputes with clients handled?

We advocate that our members and the client first try to come to an amicable agreement. If this is not possible we will investigate any and all disputes.

Note: if investigation finds that the tradesman did fail to deliver the expected quality of work or was found not to have adhered to a professional code of conduct, permanent suspension may result.

What protection do you offer to tradesmen?

We take the interests of our members very seriously and we will be happy to help with any concerns that they behave. We offer a fair and professional mediation service.

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