We have always been a great believer in innovation and forward thinking, so therefore we have teamed up with our partners to invest in new products that can benefit the environment.

We know that the UK has been at the forefront of innovation. I mean hey, we invented, cats-eyes, the jet engine, the worldwide game of football, the heart pumping bungee jump. We even discovered the atom!!!

However, we all know in the past we struggled to get our ideas heard. Whether it be lack of funding and investment, or foreign countries buying our ideas, its always tough nurturing our visions in the UK. So will a proposal inspire an answer to that annoying problem we have in the kitchen, or will it be a vehicle for the next mass worldwide trend? Who knows, but do you want to be involved? We are looking for more UK investors to help bring some of the incredible, creative thoughts some of our British people have and for them to be born into the world .So come on board, give us your support and lets make this nation better.

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