Promotions & Prizes Galore

You’ve heard it!! Prizes to be won everywhere… We are in the middle of a massive promotion giveaway so don’t miss out. Competitions running to our members only, so be sure to sign UP, put your feet UP and be UP for winning!!!

Get spotted
Get Spoted

Pop our wonderful sticker on your car van or motorbike and be in for the chance of winning some amazing prices. Yes, it’s as simple as that. If you are lucky enough to be spotted with our sticker by one of our eagle eyed spotters you can win anything from Cash vouchers, to holidays, to IPhones, to cinema tickets and more…. Yes we are not cheap skates, we want you to win, and win a great prize.

So, if you are our lucky winner keep checking this page for your car registration to be posted. It will be online for 1 week, so make sure you are as eagle eyed as we are.

If your prize isn’t claimed within the time frame then it will get added back into the kitty for the next time. So… What are you waiting for?? Order your sticker today from our range of sizes (A5, A4, A2) and get ready for picking up some incredible prizes. Store

Tradesman of the month
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When tradesmen receive outstanding responses in their feedback we will select a few, post their profiles here for you all to see. Our panel will make a choice who is to be tradesman of that particular month and award a prize ranging from tickets to holidays. So keep your standards up lads, you could be in for bumper prize. Email Your Vote

Vote for your favourite café.
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We want to know your favourite “one-stop” Café. It might be the brews, the fry-ups or the aprons ;) . Whatever delights make you want to come back for more and more get in touch…

The best one will get free publicity and some goodies care of Property fitness. It’s not all about the money, we’re giving back on a big scale. Email Your Vote

The Great British debate. What’s the perfect bacon butty??

The prefect bacon butty ,do you fry, grill heavens above steam. Is it a sarnie or a bap .Tomato ketchup or brown sauce. We want to know .Do you thrill or spill the grill?? Shall we hire or retire the fryer?? Do you woo or skew the brew?? A bap, bun, butty, cake, or roll? What the bleep is where ever your from?? We want to know!!! Or the table brawlers!! Who wins?? HEINZE OR HP? It’s a saucy rivalry.

The real arguments of Great Britain!! Let’s put them to rest. The Great British Bacon Butty!!! Let’s put the icing on the Breadcake!!! Every response received will gain YOU more publicity and some mouth-watering goodies, care of us.

Another day at the office
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Had another day at the office in a mirage of blood, sweat and tears, yes its what I do and I love it. So, take a bit of time to shout about what you do in your past time, whether you’re a football fanatic, a martial arts master, a golf genius or you prefer dazzling your opponents at a game of chess!! Let’s here it, and if we like it, we’ll highlight the best ones, and give your club a plug or two. Email Your Vote


Do you know a tradesman who could benefit too from signing up to Property fitness. Let them know and get a big thank you from us .We have some great offers for all you hard workers . How about a trip to everyone’s favourite pit stop, MCDonalds OR, for when you have finally given into the nagging ;), a trip to John Lewis with some of our fantastic voucher give-aways.


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