Property Renovation
Your at the right place to get your property fighting fit ready for action at a greatly reduced rate

So you want to renovate your property at a reduced rate with no drop in quality. Who wouldn’t?

How can they do that I hear you ask .It’s a con, I don’t believe them, and more importantly Why?

Well firstly it’s not a con, it is possible, and why? Because making massive profits in the short term is not our goal. Our business is to grow organically .Reduced profits x increased productions (renovations).Our innovative system allows this but more importantly we believe in it. To share the experience and to help homeowners.

You can save thousands on renovation cost. Dilapidated properties, not a problem .Why leave your property in that condition when you can have it brought back to life fighting fit ready for sale or rent. All this at a fraction of the cost. We have workers on standby eager to show off their talent, eager to delivery top quality workmanship, eager to create that dream property or renovate it back to its former glory for you.

Sounds too good to be true? Well here at property fitness, we are proud and stand by our statement, ‘We Won’t Let You Down’. We are here to build a strong relationship with all our customers .To deliver high standards across the board ,to be there when we say we will ,to keep you informed every step of the way and most importantly, to deliver a service that you can trust.

We take the pain for your gain
The chain reaction

Our method we call it the Chain Reaction. A simple but effected system only available here .The way it works is this. We link 3 properties at a time requiring renovation work locate within a 5 mile radius to each other, this can be extended in rural areas, which creates more work for us and reduced costing for you. An estimate report is carried out on all three properties .Once all parties have agreed terms and start dates, the mare factor of having three properties to renovate at a time allows us to pass on massive savings .Once you sign up to our system your account is immediately created and you are able to see a map and the location of your property and watch in real time to see if other properties within that radius join as well. Encourage your friends of family to sign up so that you all can receive massive discounts.

So don’t delay. Register today to start the chain reaction and look forward to some mega savings.

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