Super Heroes


Who are the real superheroes of the world??

Fantastic flying abilities, the capability of looking through walls or reading a mind …

Well here at Property Fitness our superheroes are pensioners from yester year .Those that fought for Queen and country flying the flag of bravery and courage, so that we now can all live free and have the opportunities we sometimes take for granted. Some of these true heroes can be found silently whispering their stories and thanking God for their chance to breath once more. Their glory often ignored by the others around them, yes, we are talking about the war heroes of the older generations. The ones who we need to thank for our freedom; the women who proudly sewed an endless belt of uniforms or who worked in factories making equipment for the military as their husbands ,fathers ,brother and uncles defended our shores on the front line, many not to return back . The local baker who was left hungry at night to feed his community, the courageous mavericks of those times we salute you. Some who are still blessed with sharing their stories today and some who’s valiant past still dissolve poignantly in only a spirit. The stories told jerk tears, and shudder lips, they make you stand up for what’s real and all your worries, fears, hates and opinions suddenly exit as these powerful stories wash over your emotions .So we at Property fitness appreciate and thank those superheroes.

So what can we do, well In order to celebrate their achievements we will be launching a regular feature on those pensioners discussing their ups,downs, how they built their Anderson shelters, and how the rations put a halt to the lifestyle they all dreamed of. We want to keep their stories alive, whatever the tale of their everyday existence in the heart of Britain in that crucial time.

So we are looking for YOUR superheroes. Is it you, your Dad, Nan, Mum, or Grandad, cousin, uncle, or auntie?? Seek out your heroes and let them know we are still thinking of their incredible feats, we’d love for them to share their stories . We would appreciate that. This is your platform to remind and inform the nation especially the younger generation how things were, there were no iPhones or computer games then.

We will select randomly and post the chosen stories here on the Superheroes page.
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