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Money Saving

Ever in a bit of a shock when your latest bills arise?? We know how you feel. So I think its time to sit back, get wise, and pull the plug on them nasty payments with some great steps from PropertyFitness.co.uk

As you all know it looks like prices are on the rise again and there’s hints everywhere that British Gas are going to be upping their prices next month. We’ve heard rumors of an 8% price increase and to rub salt in the wound it’s all too common to know that when one big game player moves, the other follow like little sheep!!!!

We’d suggest that if your wanting to play them at their own game then its best to get yourself a fixed deal. This will enable you to get secure annual price on your electric. But don’t just call your provider to get the fix, as you’re likely to fall straight into a package that locks you into high annual cost. We’d suggest you make a brew, tell your partner about this situation and have them look into it for you…… We all know, that favourite TV program is on right about now ;)

Be aware though, fixed rate tariffs can come and go at any time... They are used to lure in more customers until they are able to hit quotas, and then, like any veteran fisherman, the rods are pulled in swiftly.

But before your other half picks up that landline of yours be sure to read these top tips!!!

  • Test the waters‐ Be clever and fish out the best deals out there, make a table and insert all the deals, tariffs, pros and cons. Figure out what works best for you, and be quick. You never know when these deals will get pulled.
  • Check out the no exit penalties which will give you some much needed flexibility in your choices‐ Some tariffs have a ‘no early exit fee’ meaning that if things start getting a little heated you can grab your dogs, cats and carrots and get outta there!!!
  • Does it need sorting?? Well, if it turns out better for you then it’s certainly a no‐brainer. It’s becoming apparent that prices are set to rise in the next few years by 30 - 40%. Longer fixes therefore seem to be a healthier option.
  • You could be due an ‘amp’le’ amount of money (no pun intended) – If your still in credit from your old provider then the company HAS to give you your money. Mr Freeze is luring at the back door, so this extra bit of dosh may come in handy. On the other hand you may be able to transfer the extra cash over to your new account. Check it out….
We say, now’s a good time to switch

It’s a fact that Millions of people are being over charged on their gas and electricity tariffs!! And there’s no easy way to know about it than getting clued up on the latest tips and changes. Its common these days for a typical household to pay £1,420 on their tariffs, with the cheapest tarrif being charged at £1,120. Not getting on top of this is like stuffing your jacket with cash in order to keep yourself warm. Making a tariff change is quicker than making a brew!!!

Save up to 6% by switching to a monthly direct debit

By committing to a monthly direct debit has shown to save households as much as 6% per annum. This is because companies are confident that households won’t default on their payments, and they will also earn interest on overpayments. So if you think this would fit the bill, then go for it. I mean as they says. Owts, better than nowt.


Did anyone just say free??? Yup, that would be PropertyFitness. And its not your usual tat, here are some top tips for bagging some real cracking freebies.

Energy providers are giving away top trump freebies in order to meet their efficiency obligations. So if your applicable for these super deals grab ‘em now!!

  • Boiler replacements or repair‐ this is by far one of the biggest energy munchers in the household and hey, companies are giving them away for free. Hard to believe I know, but it’s true and we’re begging you to take these opportunities while you can. Because we know as much as you do, it’s a rare occurrence. Old rusty boilers can set you back an extra £310 per year. A shiny new modern replacement can set you back around £2,300… GO. GO. GO.
  • Wall insulation‐ Home builds post 1920, have a small gap between the walls. This tiny gap can mean big billing repercussions. Filling this gap with insulating mineral wool and foam means that nasty coldness is kept at bay. This simple addition can put an extra £140/year into your wallet, and that’ll nicely go into the new kitchen kitty.
  • Insulation in the loft‐ Again the loft is a hidden nasty in creeping up your electricity bills. We at PropertyFitness have heard that around £180 quid swiftly flies out of that mighty roof of yours per year. Some insulation to the rescue, and that new dishwasher is almost on the horizon.
  • On a key card/meter?? GREAT‐ Fancy saving an extra £145 notes??

While pushes on the government is meaning households on pre paid meters are seeing the light a little, they’re still hard done by, and certainly compared to the direct debit households. We say, if you can, switch to a billed meter. This usually comes at a cost, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run.

Sometimes though, this gets thrown out of the window, usually due to a credit score or income difficulties. You can search online for how to try and throw out that prepaid credit meter. Here’s a quick run down.

  1. A credit meter where you get bills is cheaper; so see if you can switch over. Some allow this service for free.
  2. If the switch is a crunch on the cash, compare deals and switch your prepay provider.
  3. When switched company its best to sway towards companies that convert all your bills for free.
Switched energy?? Make sure you get your direct debit right

Trying to sort out your energy usage is a frustrating and often complex situation. And it doesn’t help when often you switch and your direct debit bills increase. Often people switch to a new provider with a cheaper tariff but find their bills rise. Direct debits are average bills created for each household. This is due to the company over‐estimating your energy costs. If it means your overpaying however, you will get your money back. Companies say that your direct debits should be reasonable, so make sure yours is before you fall into having to pay unnecessary payments.


JUST WASH LESS. Joking, but still, everyone can cut down on his or her energy expenditure.

Why don’t you share jackets, cover your walls in sheepskin or set fire to your sofa!! AGAIN WERE JOKING. Don’t set fire to your sofa; it’s a nice sofa ;)

On a serious note, the little things help. Just turn down your thermostat a little, switch of the light switch when you’re going out of the room. Why not try them new snazzy energy saving light bulbs. Be sure to not let your TV drink up the juice on standby, or have a look to see if your fridge is on too high. Whatever the energy bug is, squish it. And squish it hard, every little helps.

Make sure you do a meter reading every time you get a bill

Don’t believe them pesky companies!! And find out your bills yourself. All too often the bills are way out compared to your electric meter. If your bills are too high, they’ve got your cash, too low and your stuck with a pretty hefty bill at the end of the year. If it’s right, change your direct debit payments; you are far within your rights to do so to ensure your being charged fair electric bills.

If things just get all too plain wrong. Complain

Make sure you’re one step ahead, keep your bills, write down dates, people you speak to, meter readings etc etc. If complaining over the phone doesn’t work then write a letter. A good trick is to mention this over the phone. As soon as you say you’re going to write to the chairmen or better, CEO. They will bend over backwards to make sure you don’t take them measures.

So be smart and check out the most current plans (excuse the pun) and once completed, you can take a step back and admire your team management skills…

Gas and Electric bills- CHECK. Well done!!!



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